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Our Mission

We put continuous effort in development through the establishment of valuable temporary work relations between temporary employees and companies and by gathering long-standing projects.  

A system based on many years of experience in temporary work, which is continuously tested and adapted to new developments.

Our Ambition

The fulfilment of ambitions is the theme of our strategic plan to which we like to give a personal interpretation in the years to come.

Port Montage BV has explicitly chosen to perform HR / Personnel services of a wide range in order to contribute to the success of your organization.  That is our goal, our services the means and our people the key to your success.  We are an employment intermediary in the Netherlands, but we have already concluded successful HR Projects in the Benelux countries.
We do not only feel a commitment towards our clients, temporary workers and our own personnel, but also towards the world in which we work.  You can count on us as a party and / or business partner who assumes his responsibility.  We stand for an organization which has an eye for socially sound entrepreneurship. That is our ambition.

If you wish to receive any further information from Port Montage B.V., please contact us, visit us or attend one of our future presentations.

On these occasions we can inform you as much as possible not only with regard to our company but also with regard to our temporary workers and our way of working.

If you have any further questions you can contact us through the contact page.

We shall do our utmost to realize an optimal cooperation for all parties.


The ultimate provision of services is regulated from our offices.
To be perfectly clear, the positions within the company are briefly described.

The intermediary is the person you can address for all your wishes.  He directs all aspects of management and organizes the work of all temporary employees.
In actual practice this means that he delegates a number of tasks regarding personnel such as logistics in order to focus on the quality and the continuity of the provision of services by temporary workers to clients.

The administrative assistant is the right arm of the intermediary and  executes administrative work such as the wages and personnel administration but also the debtors and creditors accounts ledger of the company at its head-office.

The ambulatory project manager organizes the implementation of logistics and the accommodation of the work force for various projects.  He makes reports on work activities and has regular contact with the intermediary.

The Foreman is responsible for the temporary work force, deployed to the project where he is working.  He is in continuous contact with the ambulatory project manager and the administrative assistants at head-office.  His tasks are: looking after hour sheets and Personal Protective Equipment, handling complaints with regard to and presented by temporary workers and transmitting these to the intermediary.

 Please note that where the male form of address is used, you can also read the female form.



Hoofdweg 328

3067 GK Rotterdam
       +31 (0)10 484 98 17

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